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January 26, 2018

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Glossier Review is it worth the money?

April 25, 2019

So Glossier possibly one of the most hyped beauty brands ever but is the trendy packaging and attractive marketing  worth the price tag? Glossier as a brand is focused on glossy, glowy skin. No makeup-makeup and skincare first . They are cruelty free. I tried the Phase one skin care set and I have used it for over a week and I am going to give you an in depth review and whether I think it is worth the money.



So I got the Phase one set which cost £35 for: Milky jelly cleanser, Balm dotcom,Priming moisturizer. You can choose what flavour of balm dotcom you like , I chose the mint flavour. So firstly the packaging; It came in a really cute bubble wrap pink bag and the products came in white and pastel packaging that is so simple but effective!


Firstly I got the Milky jelly cleanser which is £16 for the big but £8 for the small. This cleanser I absolutely love , it has a really strange texture I have nothing else to describe the texture other than Milky Jelly ! The scent I would describe as smelling  a lot like baby wipes! It doesn't foam up and doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped or tight. It claims to remove makeup but I wouldn't say it does completely.


Then I tried the Priming moisturizer  , this I found to be really good but nothing drastic that's worth £18. It was very moisturizing and my makeup went on very smoothly but I don't know if I would pay £18 for it.


Lastly I got the balm dotcom in Mint, which you could chose what flavour they have 7 flavours which a couple are tinted but I went for an untinted one. This is supposed to be a multi-purpose balm but I have only used it on my lips and it felt so moisturising without being greasy. It is £!0 but I would so recommend!


So overall I loved the cleanser and the lip balm so much , I liked the primer but I,m not crazy about it.

So overall I really liked glossier , I would recommend the lip balm and cleanser

Be kind ,be you

Liv xx





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