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January 26, 2018

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Lush fresh face masks reviews: Best and worse

February 16, 2019

Lush fresh face masks, that beautiful display that you see when you walk in , so many bright colours and beautiful smells but are these face masks really worth the price?

That's what I am going to be talking you through in todays blog posts , ranking them from worse to best and deciding are these face masks really worth it and do they actually do anything for your skin.


A quick description on my skin type, I have normal to dry skin that I wouldn't call it sensitive but I prefer not to use too harsh or abrasive products on my skin. I love nourishing face masks and ones that gently cleanse but still nourish my skin. So a little bit about these face masks, they are £8.50 each or free when you bring back 5 empty clean black lush pots. These are fresh so have to be kept in the fridge and only last 3 weeks. They all are made with different ingredients and claim to do different things for your skin. I have tried 6 of them and am yet to try BB seaweed but am not sure if I can handle the garlic smell of cosmetic warrior! However I am going to be ranking the face masks I have tried from worse to best.


So my least favourite (6th )face mask is the catastrophe cosmetic, now I really wanted to like this because so many people love it. Its not that I hate it ,its just perhaps not for my skin type or maybe I got a bad one. So this face mask says it gently cleanses and soothes and has calamine powder to calm your skin, blueberries which are rich in vitamins: but I found this to have a horrible chalky texture on my face and found it left my skin feeling a bit dry. It might be better for oily skin but personally it is not my favourite and I'm not the biggest fan of the scent.


So my 5th favourite is the Rosy cheeks face mask, so this one I liked, it has a beautiful rose scent and claims to calm , soothe and cleanse and is supposed to be good for people with Rosacea which I don't have. It was really easy to spread and left my skin a little bit softer, it has calamine powder to calm and kaoline to cleanse.


My 4th favourite is the don't look at me face mask , this claims to brighten and refresh skin and I do believe it does that ! It has a fresh lemony scent and is a bright blue colour , it has murumuru butter which is protective and moisturising, grapefruit oil which is uplifting and this face mask just gives you the spa experience, it made my skin feel bright and refreshed.


My 3rd favourites is the cupcake face mask, now we are getting into the top 3 these are my absolute favourites, cupcake face mask has linseed infusion to protect and nourish, cocoa powder to soften which is also an antioxidant. This face mask is meant to deeply cleanse skin without drying and I find it also makes my face feel so refreshed and nourished. It has a mint chocolate scent that not all people would love but I think its okay.


My 2nd favourite is the brazened honey, this has fresh organic lime juice to refresh and rejuvenate and fresh fennel which is good to cleanse. This is another deep cleaning but moisturising mask that I found this a little more effective  then cupcake.


So finally my favourite face mask is..... Oatifix! Okay I know everyone talks about this fantastic  cookie dough scented goodness but it really is just amazing. it has organic illipe butter to condition and restore , fresh organic fair trade banana to nourish and vanilla pod to sooth. Not only does this have a delicious scent but it has an oat exfoliant and left my skin feeling so soft! The softest it has ever felt , so that is why Oatifix is my Number 1. So lastly do I think they're worth the price?, some of them yes but I think they are a luxury but I absolutely love using my pots to take them back and get them for free. So I would say they are a luxury because they only last 3 weeks and are pricey ,but if you want an effective face mask I would definitely get them. 



Thank you so much for reading this super long post and I hoped it helped you in any way. 

Be kind, be you

Liv xx


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