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January 26, 2018

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2019 Goals

January 4, 2019

So as another year rolls round and we all are making new years resolutions in an attempt to change our lives I decided to share my goals for 2019, I have quite a few small goals that I am trying to complete. If you would like I could do a 2019 goals updates every few months. What are your 2019 goals? I would love to know!


Firstly I am going to try and meditate at least 5 times a week, I love the app Headspace. I find it so calming and relaxing and I really enjoy it. It also helps a lot with stress and worrying.


This is probably the most stereotypical basic resolution, but to try to exercise and eat a bit healthier , I really want to make some swaps and just try to eat a little heathier and exercise more.


I have a massive collect of bath stuff and skincare and I am going to really focus on not buying things I don't need, and using up my collection. I have a lot of lush stuff and I am going to try not to buy bath bombs and bubble bars that I don't need. I am not going to buy that much more lush and just focus on using it up!


I am going to really try and post more on this blog, I enjoy writing blog posts a lot and really want to focus on writing more. 


Finally I want to read more books , I have really been getting into reading again , so if you want a post about my favourite books, or a book haul let me know!


So that was my 2019 goals I hope you enjoyed!

Be kind, be you 

Liv xx

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