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January 26, 2018

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Xmas Lush Haul

November 24, 2018

I can't believe its near that time of year already and this year I'm doing loads of Christmas blog posts , I thought I'd start with a small Lush Christmas haul , Christmas is always the best time best collection, I love it so much. 


 The first thing I bought was the Yog nog yule log bubble bar, Yog nog was my favourite smell from Lush that came out a couple years ago . It is a sweet caramel scent and is amazing, its quite big for £6 but is still expensive but hopefully will be worth it.


The next thing I bought was the butter bear bath bomb this is one of my all time favourites as its only £2.75 and is so moisturising! It is pretty plain so if your looking for a show in the bath this isn't the one but if you want something for your skin its perfect. It smells like cocoa butter and is divine


The next thing I bought was the candy cane reusable bubble bar, this is £3.95 and smells divine , it is reusable so can be used multiple times and smells sweet with a hint of citrus its really nice!


The next thing I bought was the cinders shower gel , this is a spicy real Christmas scent fragrance and I like it a lot. It is £5.50 which is pricey as it is only a small bottle  but im sure it will last a while.


The last thing I bought was the star light star bright bath melt, this is covered in beautiful silver glitter, so if you don't like glitter this isn't the bath product for you! It has a lemon and ginger scent and I can't wait to use t!


So that was my little lush haul, I hope you enjoyed! I will be doing loads of Christmas themed blog posts so leave any suggestions you have.

Be kind, be you

Liv xx


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