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Lush cocktail ideas

January 26, 2018

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Lush Halloween haul

September 21, 2018

As Lush recently released their amazing 2018 Halloween range I thought I would make a little order. Have you bought any of the new range yet? Let me know in the comments!


The first thing I bought was the monsters ball bath bomb, I have had this before and I loved it! It is a super cute design and the bath art is beautiful (pink and blue) This smells so good, it is a citrus lime scent and smells like lime jelly beans (shares the calacas scent) This was £4.95

 Then I got the ghost in the dark soap, this soap is massive and actually glows in the dark! It is an amazing lemon grass scent , like avo bath. It is pretty big for the price £5.95.

 The next thing I got was the Bewitched bubble bar, this is super cute! It smells sweet and fresh (sultana scent). This was £4.95 and I can't wait to see what colour the water goes!

 Then I got one of my all time favourites the Lord of misrule bath bomb , this bath bomb smells incredible, and the bath art is just insane it is green and red. 

It is spicy yet sweet and just delicious a must have for Autumn! It was £4.25

 The last thing I got was the Sparkly pumpkin bubble bar, this is like Halloween in a bubble bar! It smells fresh and fruity and is covered in glitter, this was £4.75 

 So that was my Lush haul, I hope you enjoyed!

Be kind, be you

Liv xx


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January 28, 2019