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January 26, 2018

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Stationary haul

August 26, 2018

So as it's that time of the year again, Which makes me feel sad because it's the end of summer but also a bit excited for a new stationary and a new start (note the fact that stationary is first) So I decided to do a haul because I asked you guys on Instagram what back to school blog posts you would like to see and quite a lot of you said you would like to see a back to school supplies haul, this year I haven't have to buy overly much but there still is a lot to show you. 


The first thing I bought was some pastel highlighters, these are so cute. They are way nicer than normal highlighters. They where £5 from Sainsbury's which was quite pricey but they where so cute I just had to!



The next thing I got was a maths set and it was £1 because I needed a protractor and a ruler and I thought it was quite a good price. 


The next thing I bought was some pencils from Sainsbury's they are really nice pastel colours and I just needed some new pencils. 


Then the backpack I bought was a black converse one that I put my pins on from my pinclub haul. The backpack was £20 from John lewis. It's a good size and looks cute with the pins on it!


The next thing I got was a water bottle it was £5 from sainsburys and isn't to small or too big , its just the perfect size.

42 % SLXLM


Then I got a planner because I find it helpful to jot down all the homework assignments I have and other important things this was £5 from Sainsburys. 



Then I got a glue stick for £1.50 from sainsburys and some folders from whsmith for £3.99.



The last thing I got was my pencil case from whsmith it was originally £6.99 and I got it for £2.62 so I can thought that was a really good deal, it is a nice pattern and a decent size and for that price you really can't go wrong!

So that was everything I got for back to school! I hope you enjoyed it, if you have any other ideas for back to school posts please let me know.

Be kind, be you 

Liv xx

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January 28, 2019