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January 26, 2018

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Pin club haul

August 6, 2018

So as I wanted to get some pins to decorate my new backpack that I bought for back to school (a school supplies haul coming soon). I thought I would do a haul of what I got from the website pin club. I got these from the seconds sale which means that they have slight flaws but most of these I cannot even see the flaws! The plant pins I bought on sale (not the seconds sale) and they ended up giving it to me for free as there was a slight flaw, so that was so nice of them!


The first pin I bought was the amour limited edition pin, this was £2 normally £6 . This is one of the ones that you cannot even see the flaws in. It is pink and says amour (love in French) It has two backings so it stays on your backpack. I love this!

 The next pin I bought was the  Elleinadart pin, this is such a cool and colourful pin. This was £2.50 reduced from £6.00. I love this so much and I cannot even see the mistake.

 The next pin I bought was the Mint pin, this one is so lovely and the colour is so nice. This one is pretty small but I love it. It was £2.50 reduced to £5!

 The next pin I bought was a [plant pin and this was reduced from £5 to £2.50 (not in the seconds sale) but as it had a little flaw they sent it to me for free which was lovely! This pin is pretty big.

 The last pin I bought was this goldfish pin, it is so cute and I love it so much! It was £2.50 and I'm not sure how much it usually is at the full price but it is so cute! I also bought some special locking backs to make sure they don't fall of my backpack.

 So that was my pin club haul I hope you enjoyed it! You should defiantly take a look at the pins they have. I am doing some posts for back to school soon so if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments!

Be kind, be you

Liv xx 


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