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January 26, 2018

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Beauty haul

July 8, 2018

So as I love beauty and I had picked up some beauty items in Superdrug, Lush and also a couple things when I was in France from Yves Rocher, I thought I would do a little haul. Have you done any beauty shopping lately?, let me know in the comments!


So the first thing I bought was the Soph does nails x revolution lipstick in the shade cake, this lipstick is a pinky nude colour and it is so nice. It has a satin finish and feels creamy on the lips and it was only £4

So the next thing I bought was the collection pressed powder in the shade 03, I just needed a new powder and this one was only £1.99 I really love collection makeup because it is so cheap and the products are really great!

 The next thing I bought was the collection clear colour lash mascara and brow gel because I needed a new brow gel and this was only £1.99 so that's mainly why I got it.


 The only thing I bought from Lush was the cupcake face mask, I had 5 pots to cash in so I got this for free. It is meant for oily skin which I don't have but it has cocoa butter and other ingredients that moisturise your skin, it smells like mint chocolate and is so refreshing on my face. 

 The next thing I got was from Yves Rocher in France , it is one of their botanical eye shadow in the shade 04, I have never tried any makeup from Yves Rocher but this eyeshadow just looked so nice and I really wanted a new gold eyeshadow. 


The last thing I bought was also from Yves Rocher is the pomegranate and red berries bath and shower gel, this just smelt amazing so I had to get it, it has a lovely fruity scent.

 So that was my beauty haul I hope you enjoyed!

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