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January 26, 2018

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Tea pigs haul

June 3, 2018

I love tea pigs and as I was running low on herbal tea I decided to make an order. Tea pigs is so great because it not only tastes incredible but the packaging and tea bags are biodegradable! Their tea tastes incredible and there is so many delicious flavours that are so great for you.I also looked at all their gift sets and they look perfect for gifts. Have you ever tried Tea pigs? Let me know in the comments.


The first Tea I bought was the apple and cinnamon herbal tea in the medium size, you get 15 tea temples in a box for £3.99. ( the tea pigs tea bags that are biodegradable and have space for the tea to infuse)  This looks like it is going to be very warming and perfect for a tea at night time to relax you, it has really nice packaging as well.

The next tea I bought was the Happy -uplifting herbal tea, this is a herbal tea and you get 15 tea temples for £3.99. This tea has lemon balm, turmeric and apple and that combination is historically drunk to improve mood and reduce anxiety, this is part of their new feel good teas range. This has a taste a bit like lemon and ginger but not exactly it has the sweetness of the apple.


 The next tea I bought was also part of the feel good teas range, it is the trim-for metabolism tea. You get 15 tea temples for £3.99. This tea my mum actually asked me to order for her. It has guarana seed in it which is supposed to help with your metabolism tea. It has peach and hibiscus in it and my mum said it had a nice peachy flavour.

The next tea I got was the mao feng green tea this is described as a green tea for people who don't like green tea because it has a lighter taste, I also bought this one in the medium size and I am excited to try this.

The next tea I got was the mini size, which means you get 2 teas to try for £1.75. This one is the spiced winter red tea and it has orange peel, cinnamon and cloves on a redbush tea base. I cant wait to try this!

The last tea I got was a mini strong earl grey because I spent over £20, I have never tried this so I can't wait!

So that was my tea pigs haul I hope you enjoyed this, if you would like to see any reviews let me know!  I am so excited to try all my new flavours because tea  pigs are such  an incredible brand! If you jave any ideas for future blog posts let me know, I am also going to change my upload date to Sunday's for main posts and Wednesday's for bonus posts. 

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January 28, 2019