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Lush cocktail ideas

January 26, 2018

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Lush haul

May 24, 2018

So as we all love Lush and you guys love it when I do Lush hauls I thought I would share with you what I got in lush! It is quite a lot of skincare and body care and not so much bath products because I have been loving skincare lately, let me know if you would like to see a post about my skincare. This is quite a big haul so let's get started.


So the first thing I got was the scrubee body butter now I have actually bought this in a previous lush haul but I loved this so much!! It has the most amazing scent and leaves your skin feeling incredible, I talked more about this in my January faves. 


The next thing is the eau roma water toner, I have recently been so obsessed with skincare and I really wanted a new toner, I thought I would try this one because it is perfect for my dry skin. I love the fact that the Lush toners come in spray bottles because they are perfect to refresh your skin throughout the day. This one smells like lavender.

The next thing I got was the angels on bare skin fresh cleanser, I have been running low on my let the good times roll which I love but I wanted to try out more of the fresh cleansers. This one has a lavender ad herb scent which is not really my favourite but I don't really mind it in a skincare product. To use a fresh cleanser you just add some water to a pinch of it to make a paste and you just use that to wash your face. This one is perfect for sensitive skin and I am so excited to try this. 


 Next I got some more of the sleepy body lotion because I was running low and I love this so much! It has a dreamy lavender scent that is perfect to use before bed, it is also so moisturising and leaves the scent on your skin.  


The next thing I got was the honey I washed my hair shampoo bar, I love Lush shampoo bars because they lather up so well and last ages! I have ran out of my seanik one so I needed to get another one. This one has the most delicious honey scent, the same smell as the scrubee body butter. This is meant to be super nourishing for the hair.

The next thing I got was something very different, that I never see anyone buy from Lush! That is the aromaco solid deodorant bar, this is basically like a stick of deodorant but without the unnecessary packaging. I will have to admit that the scent isn't my favourite, it is very herby but if it does the job I will haply change to this more natural version of deodorant. 

 The last thing I bought was from the farther's day range, it is the fun for all the family bubble spinner. I mainly bought this because I knew it had the same scent as the tunnel of love soap and I adore that scent! It is a mix between lime and orange scent and I love the fact it is reusable and the colour is just amazing! 


So that was my Lush haul, I hope you enjoyed. Let me know what skincare posts you would like to see, sorry for being inactive lately I have been very busy but there are many more posts to come next week!





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