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Lush cocktail ideas

January 26, 2018

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How to save money at Lush

May 2, 2018

So as we all love Lush but it can really add up! I thought I would share with you some tips and hacks to help you get more for your money at Lush. Do you have any tips or hacks? Let me know in the comments!

So the first tip is if you and your friend both want to try a Lush product but are not to sure if you would like it or don't want the full size, to split it in two! It can work on most products and can help you decide if you like it before you buy or just to try more products for your budget. Just make sure you both have an old Lush pot or different container to put them in and you can just split them, it can also work with bubble bars!  

My next hacks are  about multiple use products, so some products at Lush can be used for multiple things that they may not tell you!
Massage bars can be grated into your bath for amazing bath melts but don't use ones with beads or anything that can't go down the drain, or just use a part of it that doesn't have any.

Shower jellies and shower gels are perfect to use as bubble bath, for shower gels just add a squeeze into running water. And for shower jellys you can either cut them up or just run the hole thing under the tap and it really works!

The fun bars already have so many great uses: bubble bars, shampoo,soap and playdough but did you know you can use them as emoti-bombs, emoti-bombs are something that was on the Lush kitchen that is basically a bath bomb for your shower. You can just make your own by just placing a piece of any fun at the bottom of your shower and when the steam rises your whole shower will smell amazing! My last multiple use hack is to buy the £1 toner tab and after you have steamed your face with it, to wait for the water to cool and put it in an old bottle and you have a toner for a £1!

My next tip is if you are buying a few products, the employees quite often convince you to get a gift set and if you are not buying it for someone or they don't include any exclusive products then there is really no point because they are actually more expensive! They can quite often be up to £4 more expensive so you could get a whole other product for that, they do make amazing gifts but just be careful because they often cost more than buying the products separately! 

My next tip is to make sure you save your black pots and once you have 5 you can take them back to your local  Lush and get a free fresh face mask!  The fresh face masks are really great but you have to remember to keep them in the fridge my personal favourites are don’t look at me and rosy cheeks. You can also ask for samples of products that you want to try, if you are ordering online (on Uk site) you can request them in the delivery information box or just ask in store! It is so great that you can try out a product before you buy. 

My last tips are to cut up your bubble bars and bath bombs and to make sure you are storing them properly. Bubble bars can be cut up in to many pieces, big bubble bars like the comforter and bright side I can get 8-10 uses out of them but you can cut them into any size you would like. You can even cut bath bombs in half to save money! I would make sure to store your bath bombs and bubble bars properly so they last a long time, I like to store mine in cling film or plastic bags.

 So that was my post about saving money at lush I hope you enjoyed it, if you have any tips or hacks let me know in the comments! 

Be kind, be you 

Liv xx 


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January 28, 2019