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January 26, 2018

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Spring shower essentials

April 27, 2018

So as it is now spring, I thought I would share with you my spring shower essentials. These products are perfect to use in the morning for a "wake up" affect because if there delicious refreshing scents. What products are your spring shower essentials? Let me know in the comments! 

First I love using Lush shower jelly's because they are perfect to use when you just feel so tired and need to wake up. My personal favourite is the refresher shower jelly, but that sadly got discontinued so I would recommend whoosh, it has a lovely lemon and lime scent. I love putting my shower jelly's in the freezer. I also love using the imperial leather fruit chew shower gel that I mentioned in my March favourites, it has such an uplifting scent and is very affordable for such a brilliant shower gel!

My favourite scrub for using in the morning is the Lush rub rub rub body scrub, this has the most amazing cherry blossom scent and leaves my skin feeling incredible! I also love the soap and glory face soap and clarity. It is basically a face wash with exfoliating beads and it has a brilliant smell and it brightens my skin. 

I love using the Zoella let's spritz body mist after I have a shower in the morning because it has such a bright and fruity scent.


I also love using the treacle moon watermelon splash shower mousse because it has an amazing sweet scent and is so fun because it is actually foam and leaves my skin feeling so soft! It is very affordable and is totally worth it


For body lotions I have been loving the Wilko watermelon and guava body souffle, because it has such a fresh and fruity scent, it also sinks into your skin really fast and makes your skin feel incredible. It is very affordable and totally worth it! I also love using The body shop pina colda body sorbet because it has such an amazing scent that reminds me of holidays and has a cooling sensation on your skin.


So that was my spring shower essentials I hope you enjoyed! If you have any

suggestions for future posts please leave  them in the comments! 

Be kind, be you



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January 28, 2019