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Lush cocktail ideas

January 26, 2018

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March favourites

April 12, 2018

I always say in my favourites posts that I can't believe how quickly the month has just flown by, and March was no exception! I thought it would be good to do my monthly favourites because I always love reading about what other things people have been loving. What are your favourites for this month?, let me know in the comments!


So the first thing I have been loving is actually a blog called luxury blush! I have been enjoying this blog for a while now but her posts have been really great lately. I always love catching  up on my favourite blogs and her posts are great, she does beauty,baking and lifestyle post like: travel diaries, lush review and hauls, monthly favourites and much more! She posts often and I also love the design of her blog its super pretty. Her posts are informative, very enjoyable to read but not too long.So I highly recommend you check out this amazing blog: luxuryblush


The next thing I have been loving is the Bunny Moon jelly face mask from Lush, so I know what you are thinking it is weird! But I love it because it is actually super easy to apply,you just pinch of a small piece (you do not need a lot!) Then you mash it in your hand and apply to your face, I left my skin feeling soft. While it may not be as effective as their fresh face masks it last for 4 months unlike the ones that last only last about a month! So I really like this one they are quite pricey but me and my friend Erica split it in half so we could try it out. Which is also a great tip if you are looking to save money at Lush (I will do a post about saving money at lush) I really recommend this and I want to try eanother jelly mask. 


The last thing I have been loving is the imperial leather fruit chew shower cream. This has such a delicious fruity scent that is perfect to use in a morning shower for a refreshing feel. I don't know if they even still do this but It was very cheap! It also lathers up really well.


So that was my March favourites I hope you enjoyed, sorry there will not be a bonus post on Friday because I am actually doing a bake sale for charity and I will do a post about tips for running a charity bake sale in the future!

Be kind, Be you


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