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January 26, 2018

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Sweet dreams!

March 16, 2018

Sometimes trying to fall asleep can seem impossible, your mind is full of buzzing thoughts and just wont calm! I know that feeling when you just can't sleep and are constantly tossing and turning throughout the night. Well, i'm going to be sharing with you some tips and tricks so you can get the best night sleep!


The first tip is to use lavender to help you relax. Lavender is scientifically proven to calm and make you sleepy, so this is a perfect scent to use before bed. Whether you just use pure dried lavender next to your bed, a lavender scented bath treat or even a cream or spray to help you sleep soundly.  You could even use a lavender essential oil in your bath or a small amount on your pillow. My favourites would have to be the Champneys Heavenly Days Sleep Temple Balm and Sleepy body lotion by lush both I use every night. Here are a collection of Sleep enhancing products that are perfect to use before bed for a sound nights sleep.

 My next tip is pretty simple, instead of going on your phone, tablet or TV  before bed to read instead! You should try and have an hour before bed when you don't go on any technology . ( going on your devices makes you feel even more awake, which can lead to a bad nights sleep) . Reading before bed is not only super calming but can be great to escape from the sometimes boring everyday life!  I know its hard to not go on your devices but I promise you will feel more calm! You can read anything you fancy, here's some of my favourite books. Stay tuned for a post about all the books I love.

 My next tip is a bit like the last one, which is to maybe try doing some colouring before bed. This is perfect to do in your device free hour and there are some absolutely stunning adult colouring books. The one I used is Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom which is full of beautiful, detailed animal pictures that you would need fine liners for. I think colouring is so calming because your mind is focused on one activity so all the worries of the day just fade away! 

 My last tip is before bed drinking herbal or green tea. Chamomile and peppermint tea are especially good at helping you sleep but make sure you are drinking caffeine free because otherwise you will be awake half the night!  I tried the Twinings lemon drizzle cake green tea and it was okay, I usually go for lemon and ginger or Twinings Strawberry and raspberry. Tea pigs tea is delicious too , if you are willing to spend a little more. Tea helps to calm and de stress and just tastes super good!


 That was my tips and tricks to help you sleep, I hope this helped some of you! I hope you enjoyed.

Be kind, Be you

Liv xx




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January 28, 2019