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Lush cocktail ideas

January 26, 2018

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Marshmallow Moment and Deep sleep review

March 14, 2018

I love Lush so much! So I thought I would review two products because sometimes before I buy things, I love to see an in depth review. So I have reviewed two of their normal range products. If there are any other lush products you would like me to review ,make sure to leave suggestions in the comments.


So the first thing I tried was the deep sleep shower jelly, a shower jelly is basically soap/shower gel in a jelly form it is so cool! You can even put them in the fridge or freezer to have a cool start to the day. I was going to do that but it was super cold outside any way! This is quite a new product to Lush as it only came out a couple weeks ago. Firstly the design and colour of this is just stunning. It was a metallic orange and gold colour. It has a wonderful calming  strong lavender scent. It is not like the twilight scent because its not as sweet.  I think this would be perfect for a night shower, however if you don't like lavender you wouldn't like this.  Personally I love lavender so this is nice. In terms of price this is not too bad compared to other things in Lush, i'ts £4.25 which is still expensive but shower jelly's last ages.

This had quite a good lather, a little more than the soaps which I sometimes find hard to lather. I didn't find it drying on my skin and it left a light scent on my skin. I really like this jelly and I would highly recommend. You could even cut pieces of and use in Lush cocktails or just on its own. 

 The next thing I tried was the Mmelting marshmallow moment luxury bath oil. Now I have tried this before. I'm pretty sure they might've reformulated it but I cant find it on the website , I bought it in store so I don't know why its not on there. This has a delicious ,sweet like scent a lot like snow fairy that they bring out for the Christmas collection and everyone goes mad for!  I personally adore this scent but if you don't like sweet scents you might not like this one. Bath oils are perfect for when your skin is feeling dry as they are packed full of wonderful oils and butters, that make you skin feel great. This is £2.50 which is an okay price it would be perfect for a pamper night on a budget or as a gift.

 I found this bath oil to be super moisturising, the bath went a light peach colour (I don't have a picture of it because the camera wouldn't pick up the colour) The only thing I didn't like about this was that the colour was quite light, I mean it was still a nice colour just not as bright as I was expecting. Overall I probably would buy this again because I love the scent but I would also like to try the other oils.


So that was my Lush reviews, I hope you enjoyed them. If there are any other lush reviews you would like me to do make sure to let me know in the comments.

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