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January 26, 2018

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Bath bake love cosmetics review.

March 2, 2018

So as I have been seeing lots of people saying that bath bake love is a great cosmetics company, I thought I would order a couple products and review them because their stuff looked incredible.

So Bath bake love is a cruelty free, vegan, handmade cosmetics company who specialise in delicious smelling and looking products. Their release system is a little different from other companies. Usually on the first week of a month they release their all year round products and a new range for the month and a week or two later they restock again. Things sell out quite quick so you might have to be fast. This months range was french patisserie themed. 


All of their products look absolutely delicious and the packaging is just great. My parcel was lovely packaged and they even gave me a mini wooden spoon and a tea bag free of charge. In terms of price they aren't the cheapest but I if the products are good I think that will justify the price.Mine took 9 days to arrive.


 The first product i'm going to be reviewing is the fudge de leche bath cream. This is in their core range, for a good reason it smells divine!  A bath cream is basically a whipped soap, luxury shaving cream or a bubble maker.  This smells exactly like a fudge desert , it is so yummy smelling. This would be perfect to add to a toffee scented bath cocktail/mix.

It is super easy to lather up and you don't need much at all, I just used mine as a whipped soap and cant wait to try it out to make bubbles in a bath cocktail/mix. It made quite a good lather with a lovely scent.

I thought that a whipped soap might leave my skin feeling dry but it didn't, although it wasn't super moisturising my skin still felt quite nice leaving a subtle but delicious fragrance on my skin . I feel like this product is good value for money because of how many uses you could get out of it because you only need to use a small amount.


The next product i'm going to be reviewing is the tarte de l'orange bubble mix. This is part of the  February french patisserie range and it smells like zesty oranges but also a bit like sour orange sweets but not artificial. A bubble mix is basically a bubble maker that you just pour under the running hot water. This is packaged so beautifully like all their products, with a gold dried orange in it.


This bubble mix smells divine, it made okay bubbles that I found to be quite moisturising. It did say that it made delicate bubbles and it did ,the scent was very strong in the water, it filled the whole bathroom with a wonderful fresh scent. I feel like it would be best used in a sieve under the tap because it can be a little hard to get under the water so a sieve would be perfect. I really enjoyed using this and I think it is okay value for money , you could probably get 4-5 uses out of it using it on its own.


So that was my Bath bake love review and I am very impressed, the scents are

delicious, they look beautiful and my favourite would have to be the fudge de leche bath cream.

I will defiantly recommend this amazing brand I will leave a link for their website in case you want to buy any of the goodies. Bath bake love

I hope you enjoyed  this review.

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January 28, 2019