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Lush cocktail ideas

January 26, 2018

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Mothers day gift ideas

February 23, 2018

So as mothers day is very soon I thought I would show you some present ideas for a budget because its not about how much you spend! A little time and effort can be way nicer than anything shop bought but if you don't have as much time its great to pick out your mums favourite goodies so she can pamper herself  and relax!


So the first idea is to make something edible and putting it in a nice box, I made little rocky road bites and placed them in a box I painted and this would make such an amazing gift at such a small price. You can really personalise it by decorating the box to your mums taste or making her favourite food. I think this would be such a thoughtful gift that doesn't cost much!

 Next is making a relax box full of pampering goodies. These can be from the body shop and lush or drug store! This is a great way to let your busy mum pamper herself and discover new favourites! I used face masks, cleansers , bath and body care and I put it in a nice box and it is so lovely. The exact things I used were:

Maypole soap Lush 

Breath of fresh air toner water Lush

Rose bomb shell bath bomb Lush

Superdrug face mask sachets 

Body shop foaming cleanser 

Superdrug body scrub



 The last idea is for people on a small budget that still want to pamper their mum. I would get the Superdrug body scrub £1, a Wilko body lotion only £1 and their are many lovely scents to choose from and also the lush cheer up butter cup bath bomb £3 That would only be £5 for a lovely trio of pampering goodies. You could place these in a nice box or a bag for a no fuss cheap but lovely gift.

 So that was my mothers day gift ideas, if you have any suggestions for future posts please let me know in the comments.

Be kind, be you



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