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January 26, 2018

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Ways to brighten up your room for spring

February 16, 2018

So as spring is around the corner (even though the weather is still terrible) I thought i'd show you ways to brighten up your room for spring on a budget! 


So the first thing you could do is buy or make some bright cushions ,now cushions

 can be very expensive but if you go to places like Primark or Wilko they can be very affordable, the big white,pink and green flower design cushion was from Primark for £8 and the grey heart was also from Primark for £3! You can choose any colour scheme that matches your room but if you have a pretty plain room you can add another colour or element to it using cushions.

 Next what you could do is make a notice board, you could print out your photos : I used my Instagram photos and some cute spring like photos.

 Then you could attach them on a notice board , you could use a cheap cork board and pin photos to them. This adds such a bright aspect to my room and didn't cost anything!


 Next is painting something for your room, I just used this cheap box that I got from the range for less than a pound. I painted it a light blue colour and store some of my lip products in it. It is so pretty and didn't cost much at all.


My next tip is getting plants for your room. Plants can get quite expensive when you go to an expensive shop but I recommend looking in supermarkets. I got the big succulent in the reduced section of Tesco for £0.40 with the pot! They give so much colour to my room and are very low maintenance plants!

 But if you want something that lasts a little longer why not get fake plants or flowers! They last a long time, I got mine from Wilko. Sometimes they can be expensive but if you go to cheaper places like the range and Wilko you can get amazing deals.

 The next thing is fairy lights! I have so many fairy lights because I think that they add such colour to a room. I get most of mine from Primark because they have so many different varieties and are super affordable. You can place them where ever you want: on your wall , around your bed, around your mirror or on a radiator. They just add a bright touch to your room and are super cute!

 My next tip is if you have some nice looking bath products like bath bombs and bubble bars you should display them. I used a spare shelf on my books shelf to display some of my lush products. I think it looks really nice. and makes my room smell amazing!

 So that was my tips to brighten up your room for spring, I would really recommend looking in Primark and Wilko for affordable room decor. I hope this helped you brighten up your room and if you have any suggestions for blog posts please leave them down in the comments.

Be kind,be you


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January 28, 2019