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Lush cocktail ideas

January 26, 2018

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Cruelty free beauty haul

February 14, 2018

So I recently went shopping and picked up a couple cruelty free beauty items and I thought I would show you what I bought! Have you done any beauty shopping lately? i'd love to know what you bought in the comments!


So firstly I went to Lush and as i'm obsessed I decided to buy a couple things, I was running low on bubble bars and bath bombs (that's what I tell myself) So the first thing I bought was the cheer up buttercup bath bomb, this is a small little bath bomb that smells delicious like really zingy lemon. I have never tried it before but I love lemon scents so I cant wait to try it!


 Next I bought the whole lotta love bubbleroon this is a valentines day product but it smells so lovely. It smells like rose but a bit spicy but lemony at the same time its just delicious. A bubbleroon is basically a bubble bar with a Shea and Murumuru butter centre so it is very moisturising and I thought that this bubbleroon looked stunning so pretty with the gold centre and the red top. I could get about 4-5 uses out of this.

 Then I bought the mother of pearl marbled bubbleroon this is a mothers day product and again it just looks stunning and it has a lovely subtle fresh scent like the rub rub rub body scrub or the sakura bath bomb. It is a bubblearoon so will be very moisturising!

 The last thing I bought in Lush was the pearl massage bar this has a lovely rose scent but not too over powering. It has the scent scent as the rose jam which I have been loving lately. I want the body spray so bad but its quite pricey. I love the massage bars, I use them as a solid body moisturiser and they are great!


Then in Superdrug I bought the Superdrug own brand cocoa butter and vanilla body scrub, I was on a hunt for an affordable body scrub that is cruelty free this one is amazing because it was only £1.  It has a nice cocoa butter scent and i'm so happy with the price of it!

Then in the body shop I bought the 50ml mango body butter. I love the body butters because they smell amazing and are great on the skin. This has a fresh mango scent and is quite pricey but I bought it on a deal. I love the mango scent and I would highly recommend you try this!

 So that was my beauty haul, I hope you enjoyed and i would love to hear any blog post suggestions in the comments.

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