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Lush cocktail ideas

January 26, 2018

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Lush cocktail ideas

January 26, 2018

So as you probably know I love lush and I thought it would be great to share some cocktail ideas. I also had some requests to do this so if you ever have at requests or suggestions please let me know in the comments because I love your ideas. Lush cocktails are something I originally thought took a lot of effort for just one bath but I was wrong they are so fun and are great for a pamper day or if you just want to have fun mixing products!


So my first one is strawberry candyfloss for this I used:

Small piece of creamy candy 

A chunk of peeping Santa bubble bar (lush Christmas  exclusives the comforter would also work for a berry twist)

Snow fairy fun (lush Christmas but pink fun would be great too)

Snowman shower jelly (lush Christmas any shower jelly will work )

The body shop strawberry shower gel


 I cut up the fun ,bubble bars and the jelly into small chunks then placed in a sieve I just used a really cheap one from wilko for only £1.


Then I added a squirt of the body shop strawberry shower gel you could also use snow fairy but I didn't want it to be overly sweet. Then I ran the sieve under the water for luxurious bubbles! The water turned a lovely red colour a lot brighter in real life then on the camera and it smelt delicious a sweet strawberry scent.

 Then for my next one citrus sunrise I did the same thing as strawberry candy floss but I used different products:

A small piece of man in the moon bubble bar (Christmas range Brightside bubble bar would work too)

A chunk of Christmas cracker bubble bar (Christmas range sunnyside would work too)

Green fun 

Snowman shower jelly (Christmas range any  shower jelly would work)

Soap and glory sugar crush shower gel 

 This one worked out really well it had an amazing zingy scent and went a dark orange colour (not showing up on camera) it created loads of bubbles!

 So there are my lush cocktail ideas I hope you enjoyed! If you have any suggestions for future posts please let me know! Thank you for all of your support.

Be kind,be you 



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