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Lush cocktail ideas

January 26, 2018

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My top 10 lush products of 2017

January 12, 2018

So we all love lush the smells , the products , the company just everything about it is amazing (I'm a little obsessed)

I love so many lush products so it was really hard to narrow it down to just ten but I did it (they're in no particular order that would be way to difficult) What are your top 10 lush products? I would  love to know let me know in the comments.


So the first one is creamy candy bubble bar-this bubble bar was discontinued quite along time ago but it recently came back. It has the most delicious sweet candy scent but not overly sweet ( its not like snow fairy) and is a beautiful pink colour. It makes tons of bubbles and is only £2.95. It also is very moisturising which is great! Creamy candy 


My second one is peeping Santa bubblearoon this came out for Christmas of 2016 but sadly didn't come back in 2017 :( but they did a week of Christmas exclusives and that’s when I bought it. This is actually a bubbleroon not a bubble bar so its super moisturising and creates so many bubbles it also has a wonderful strawberry scent (like the strawberry feels forever massage bar)  and is just super cute!


My next one is the refresher shower jelly-it has been sadly discontinued but Is  in the wild gift set. It has a beautiful lemon scent an lovely gold colour shower jellies also last forever and are so FUN to play with because its literally jelly that you wash with! wild gift set 


My next one is the 9-5 cleanser this is great because its so easy to use and is very gentle  on my dry sensitive skin it also leaves my skin feeling amazing. It has a light almond scent. If  you have dry/sensitive skin definitely try it! 9-5 cleanser 


My next one is the super famous sleepy body lotion I'm sure you’ve heard about this lotion everyone is loving and for good reason. It has a beautiful lavender Tonka scent which smells like sweet lavender I put it on before bed and it is super nice. ITS SO GOOD!! Sleepy body lotion 


My next one is rub rub rub shower scrub,I love this scrub so much it has a beautiful orange blossom scent like the sakura bath bomb. It is very exfoliating if u use it before you go in shower on dry skin or a little more genital on wet skin. It has loads of sea salt so you can use it in your hair and it will give you lovely hair with volume. It is an amazing product and I would highly recommend. rub rub rub 



Next product is the Mmmelting marshmallow moment bath oil I love this bath oil because its not only super moisturising but has an amazing smell a bit like snow fairy. The luxury bath oils are great because they are also cheaper than a bubble bar or bath bomb so great if your on a budget. mmmelting marshmallow moment 

The next one is the unicorn horn bubble bar which is out for valentines day, it has the most incredible lavender scent and has so many beautiful colours. It creates loads of bubbles and you can use it up to 4 times. ITS AMAZING!! unicorn horn


For my top bath bombs I decide to go for twilight and intergalactic . I choose twilight manly for the wonderful scent (same scent as sleepy body lotion). It turns the bath an amazing purple colour and is super relaxing. twilight  I chose intergalactic it has a super earthy mint scent and I don’t usually like to earthy scents but this one I adore. The main reason I picked it is because its absolutely beautiful in the bath, it turns your bath into a sparkly galaxy! intergalactic 


 I'd love to here your top 10 make sure to leave it in the comments, there maybe a 

lush haul coming soon so make sure to look out for that :) Have a great day! 

Be kind ,Be you


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January 28, 2019