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January 26, 2018

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Happy 2018!

January 11, 2018



Hasn't time just flown by! I cant believe its 2018 already but with a new year comes new resolutions what are yours? I'd love to know. I have decided on three new years resolutions this year because when I make loads. I never manage to complete them then that discourages me and I end up feeling a little down but this year i'm going to really try to complete them and you should to!

So my first resolution is the stereotypical one i'm sure everyone has made one year and that is to eat more healthily. I mean I do eat a lot of fruit and veg but I do also eat a lot of sugar! But what I do find works for me is instead of completely not having sugar (which will make me very grumpy). I could swap it out for healthy snack that actually taste good or just cut down on the amount i'm having.


My second resolution is a bit of a weird one its too not buy any bath products (except for lush) because when you have as many bath products as I have it can be difficult to use up all of them. I say apart from lush because I have a lush voucher and bath bombs and bubble bars I can use up quick. I have so much shower gel let me know if you have the same problem!


My last one is too be more confident in myself and to not care what others think ,it sounds super easy to not care what others think but I find it quite hard. I find it hard not to be conscious about what I look like or if I'm doing something wrong but I've just got to believe in myself. I have great friends who always make me feel happy and confident and I just need to care less about what other people think :)


I hope you had a great new year and make sure to check back here soon because I will be doing my top 10 lush products of 2017. I will try to post 2-4 times a month (sometimes even more) but make sure to leave a comment about your new years resolutions.

Be kind, be you 





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